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Introducing Kentucky School of Massage Therapy

A New Career & Learning Starts Here

It’s time to learn something new. Whether it’s working on an existing skill or trying out something completely different, browse our site to find what you’re looking for. Explore and learn more.

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Our Story

We Make Learning Fun

We allow the student to learn at their own pace. Our content provides engaging and interesting learning opportunities, guiding students to identify their strengths and fill in their learning gaps. When you enroll in our class, you’re joining a global community of like-minded individuals looking to expand their understanding.
In order to become a licensed massage therapist, the first step is to complete this 600 hour class entitled Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. 

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Our Promise

Achieve Personal Goals

A Lasting Impact

We have a small number of students enrolled at one time which enables more one on one instruction if needed. You can complete this course in 6 to 12 months.

Improve Performance

Practice Makes Perfect

With a limited number of students enrolled, you can receive more tutored instruction.

Go at Your Own Pace

Make the Most of Your Time

We offer a 6 to 12 month program so you learn at your own pace.

One-On-One Tutoring
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Located at 2323 Concrete Rd Ste CCarlisle, KY 40311Office HoursMonday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday 5Pm to 9PM

2323 Concrete Rd Ste C Carlisle, Nicholas County 40311



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Exceed Your Expectations

As a respectable Proprietary Education School,  Kentucky School of Massage Therapy takes great pride in every course we teach. We have a highly interactive and engaging teaching style that has made us an extremely popular. We take pride in helping our students obtain their desired goals.

We offer a 600 hour class, Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, consisting of Massage History, Techniques & Other Modalities, Ethics, Business Practices and  Human Anatomy. All you need is a little time and the desire to soar higher with a graduate certificate.

You will need:                                                       1. A text book by Mark F. Beck entitled Theory & Practice of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork 5th Edition. You can purchase one from the school or online via Ebay, Amazon or other websites.  2. PPE that includes a mask,  clean apron and disposable gloves.

Classes are In Person on campus             Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 5PM-9PM       Saturdays 5PM-9PM    Sundays 11AM-2PM or 4PM-8PM

The Course is $6,000.  There is a $60 non refundable application fee. You can pay the total cost upon being accepted with a card or check, apply for a peronal loan at your bank or enroll in our payment plan. The payment plan is available upon providing documentation of a loan refusal from your bank.  Make checks payable to Kentucky School of Massage Therapy. If using a credit card, there is a $200 processing fee.  Additional money can be applied and deducted from the balance at any time during the course on the payment plan. Choose Your Payment Plan: Payments will be made the 1st of each month or week. O   6 Month Program $6,000 to be paid as follows: (last payment will be properly adjusted) O   $240/week for 25 weeks or     O   $1,000/month for 6 months O    9 Month Program $6,000 to be paid as follows: (last payment will be properly adjusted)    O    $167/week  for 36 weeks or     O    $667/month for 9 months O   12 Month Program $6,000 to be paid as follows: (last payment will be properly adjusted)    O    $143/week for 42 weeks or O     $500/month for 12 months 
The final payment will be based on remaining balance.

You can choose from a 6, 9 or 12 month program.  Hours will be adjusted to meet the 600 hour requirement.                                              Schedule is as follows:                                         6 Months(24 Weeks @ 25 Hours a week.             9 Months(36  Weeks  @  17 Hours  a  week approximately).                                                        12 Months(52  Weeks  @  12 Hours  a  week  approximately)

Get in touch for more information about these and other course offerings.

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